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A mature tree weighs about 3.5 tons and cost about USD 930 and ‘produces’ roughly 8300 pages of paper. So it takes 1/5 ton of wood pulp to produce 1 ton of paper, which is forty cartons at 500 pages each. Therefore in order to produce a single carton of 500 pages of printer paper, you need 83 kg of wood or 1/40 of a tree. A single page ‘needs’ 15 grams of wood plus a lot of fresh water. Paper can be part of (GHG) greenhouse gas as much as 90%. Incidentally, the use of recycled paper is also a serious source of pollution because of the sludge during ‘deinking’.

A typical film production uses about 8,000 pages of paper for a single film (two hours feature) of which 65% (approximately 6000 pages of paper) alone are needed for printing the so-called ‘call sheets’ . (The rest consists of printing scripts, production schedules, contracts and other memos.) Additionally this  ‘call sheet’ leaves  an enormous CO2 footprint by the actual physical delivery to the film sets. Based on the numbers by  http://www.conservatree.org/   http://www.treesforthefuture.org/ and  http://growforests.org/home.html that’s a whole tree or at least a six square meter of rainforest, which must be destroyed in order to organize a production of this size

We do not believe that we should make fewer movies. Quite on the contrary. But it is time to modernize some operations in the decade of cheaper smart phones  and super-fast mobile internet connections and fantastic applications.

It’s time to start thinking a little differently. Lets modernize the industry a bit.

Let MyCall App help you to give back a little….

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