MyCallApp: Coming soon with ‘Driver Tracking’

Where are the set drivers exactly? Closer to a pick-up spot , film set or to the production office?
No need to call, just ‘track’ them.

Beautifully Simplistic

After registration through the mycallapp website, the production office simply uploads the latest call sheet. Seconds later the crew member opens it in his app and the production office gets an automated reading confirmation.

Easy For Your Crew

The crew downloads the app from the app stores, scanning the barcode sent by the registered production office via app-scanner. After getting allocated to a certain project the crew member is now in the ‘circle-of-trust’. They get all call sheets sent with a push sms.

Copyright Security

Movie scripts, call sheets, shooting schedules will be sent only to your designated team! With EXPIRATION DATE for each document. Therefore you avoid copyright infringements on your still unproduced scripts.

Free Support & Updates

MyCall App is very intuitive. Anyhow, if you need any help in setting up a project we provide a 24/7 Level I-III support team.

Wonderful Options

In using our services you save reams of paper and ensure actively the reforestation in the rainforest. You also contribute to the conservation of endangered species

Our Mission

You will get regular updates from us about your donations to our partner organisation ‘WORLD RAINFOREST FUND’. You will know, how many trees you actually have saved and the projects you have supported through your film.
By the way: we have moved our servers to Germany, which are now considered the safest and most protected ones in the world. We are using state-of-the-art encryption. We do not leak!