Protection of copyrights is one of our biggest objectives here. Some film service software companies claim to have ‘Bulletproof Security’ and ‘state-of-the-art’ or ‘military-style’ encryption to protect your uploaded files. Don’t be fooled , the NSA and other sniffers have proven otherwise. We take a much more simpler and therefore the most effective approach: We basically don’t give anyone enough time to decrypt anything. You simply upload your files with a ‘time stamp’. If sending a finished script, you simply give the recipient a couple of hours to read it. You get a notice when he does. After the time stamp has elapsed the file vanishes.
If the recipient is a ‘lazy’ reader, send it again.(Always send your .pdf as a non-printable document, than you are on the safe side and can avoid the ‘Tarantino Effect’-
We also believe that downloading dailies as files and storing them on any device is a huge security risk. (What are you going to do, if somebody loses that device? Or copies it by NFC?) Thats why you can – and always will – only stream your uploaded dailies .
After your project is finished all your uploaded ‘left over’ files will be deleted and will be overwritten tenfold. That we call ‘military-style’ security.

Its easy:
-The production company registers through the mycallapp website, creates a project (film title) and generates a barcode.
-The crew downloads the app ‘CALLSHEETS’ -either from I-TUNES APP or PLAYSTORE – registers and scans the sent barcode (either sent by email, fax, screenshot or whatever) of that particular production company.
-The production office gets the ‘wish-of-joining’ from that crew member, confirms it and assigns that crew member to a certain function within that created project. (e.g.Make-Up)
-The crew member (e.g.Make-Up artist) is getting now a confirmation of the allocation to that project through the app. – Happy faces.

Lets see the cheat sheet:

1.Film Company–Registration On Website–Creating A Project–Generating Barcode–Barcode Sent To Crew physically

2. Crew – Downloads App’CALLSHEETS’ – Receiving Barcode

Crew Scans Barcode
with in-app scanner


Yes, if you are an i-phone user you have to stay online and logged on in order to receive push notes. But as an android-user you should stay online but you can even read your call sheets offline.

You should register with a company because the idea is to help business customers. However, as a single user it is still possible to use our software even if you are not signing on on behalf of a company. Its really up to you.

Yes, your crew and your project can have as many members as you like (or need).

Yes, easy. Just click on the text of the position, then choose a new one. Once you leave the field, the position is stored.



Yes, a crew member can be assigned to multiple projects.

No, if you accidentally delete a crew member from a project you simply reassign him/her again. But if you have deleted that member from your production company , then yes he/she needs to scan in again.

The call sheets are automatically deleted 1 day after the expiry of their validity.
(That’s the date of the actual shooting day you have assigned to that call sheet . For instance: Today is Monday and you write a call sheet for a shoot on Thursday, it will delete itself on Friday)

Yes, that’s possible. In order to do this go to ‘Project overview’. Click “Edit Project” (icon with a buddy).


Then change the dates.


Yes, the dailies are completely deleted with deletion of the related project. Also, you can delete dailies manually.

Yes, the production office can delete documents (Call Sheets, etc) manually. But the Call Sheets delete themselves automatically 24hrs after the expiry date you have given them when sending them out. For instance: you are sending a full script (or line changes for a scene) to a member of your crew and you validate it tomorrow, the crew member has 48hrs to read it. After that time the pages vanish.

No, when you delete a project, your crew members remain within your production company and you can assign them again for upcoming projects.

No, a crew member cannot leave a particular project by him/herself per se.
But, he/she can choose to leave your production company independently.

Sure, the shortest term would be 5 to 7 shooting days (one week subs.) The longest 365 shooting days or 52 weeks. Depends on your ambition (and shooting speed or budged,really.)

Sure, you can send one single call sheet or any other info doc to an individual crew member with a push sms. That is the reason for our free trial: play around a little and check things out.


Yes,that’s the trick: You can also send documents other than call sheets to your crew members. You must declare these accordingly, so your team knows exactly what they are looking at. But, remember: the documents have to be PDF files.

You can pause your account as long as you like between your projects, without losing anything and , of course, free of charge.

Three days before your subscription expires you will be informed by our support team via email . If you don’t do anything , your subscription will renew itself after 7 days. Of course, you also will be informed by our team.

Yes, you can always up- or downgrade your subscription at any given time. For instance, if you upgrade to a higher plan, you get credited the share of the remaining days from your previous weekly subscription . If you downgrade, you will not be credited for the remaining period until the next renewal. And we have a very liberal refund policy.

No, because if your company is based in Spain, we are obliged by law to add VAT to your bill. But if your company is based in any other EU Member State and you have provided us with your tax ID you will not be charged any VAT . Any other country – outside the EU – in which your company is based, is free of VAT.

Your credit card data is stored exclusively by a certified provider via a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), who takes care of the security of credit card data. We do not keep any credit card details in our databases.

You will be invoiced in Euros (€), because our company is located in the EU.

The donation to the World Rainforest Fund is being submitted by check to keep the transfer fees as low as possible.

rapidssl The complete connection to the service site of mycallapp.com is handled by a 256-bit SSL encryption from RapidSSL. We have moved our servers (and back-ups) to Germany.
Not even our administrators are able to look at your stored files. We also provide bulletproof security through constant quality testing for the safety of our customers.

Of course. You send the documents to your own email address – the one you have registered with – and then print them on your own printer. In order to send simply click on the icon at the right edge of the slip on the ‘CALL SHEETS’ site of the app.

Only those crew members who you have authorized by assignment of the position you have given to them and no one else. That is: – producer – director – D.O.P. – Costume -Script and Make-Up deps

Once the production office is informed of the loss, the employee has to be deleted. Thus all documents sent to this particular crew member will also be erased.

delete crew member