MyCall App ‘Callsheets’ improves your film set

MyCallApp is smart and professional. It makes massive printing of your call sheets, shooting schedules and screenplays and the physical delivery to your film crew from now on completely unnecessary, saving you time and resources, creating a ‘circle-of-trust’ with your working crew.

  • The production office writes the call sheets with their own usual software and, after registration, we make sure that all your crew members get them.
  • It is simple, browser-based and therefore accessible from anywhere in the world and is especially designed for film productions.
  • You reduce your printing costs up to 70%, create a safe haven for unpublished files and you support our partners the WORLD RAINFOREST FUND .

Ninety-Minute Film

90-minute-film-logoThe german movie production company Ninety-Minute Film uses MyCall for the newest project “Sicher ist sicher“.
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MyCall Presentation

Sneak peak on how MyCall App works for your film production.

FOR YOUR CREW: The free app ‘CALLSHEETS’ for Android and IOS

In this app your call sheet will be received with a ‘PUSHNOTIFICATION’. Once the document is opened, the production office gets an automated confirmation. Authorized departments can stream dailies in the highest quality possible.

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MyCallapp makes the distribution of call sheets, movie scripts or dailies much safer because only an authorized crew can view them. Once the production office have sent out a document, they will disappear after an EXPIRATION DATE set by the production office. When the project is finished, all files will be completely deleted automatically. And…deleted from the APP of all crew members. No paper trail!


Your advantage: No more reams of paper, less toners, copyright safety. You will reduce your printing costs of up to 70%. AND you actively support our partner organization the “WORLD RAINFOREST FUND” in planting new trees in the Amazon.

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